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Since 1958, the law firm of Cass & Bishop has been providing legal services to the communities of Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Oakville, Ontario. We’ve built our reputation on putting client goals first. Return business and long-standing relationships are the focus of our lawyers and staff. Please scroll down to see our practice areas.



Real estate legal services for the 21st century.


We have experience with a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate matters, some of which include...


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Single-Family Homes

Exceptional Legal Experience

Each year, we assist hundreds of clients to make one of the most important transactions of their lives—buying a home. Whether you are a first-time or experienced buyer, we can help. We can also accommodate you with appointments outside regular business hours. Click here to download helpful information on "Working With A Lawyer When Buying a Home." (Click here for articles on this topic.)


Renovation, resale, & developmenT

We will work with you on the analysis, agreement of purchase and sale, and due diligence, so you can assess the value of the investment and negotiate terms in your best interest. (Click here for articles on this topic.)



From Duplexes to apartment buildings

When it comes to multi-unit properties, protecting clients from the downside and strengthening the upside is our focus. We review residential tenancy act considerations, as well as code and zoning issues to maximize reward.

Industrial & Commercial

For the End user & investor

We examine Return On Investment as it relates to the state of the tenancies. We also advise on the handling of potential environmental issues, lender negotiations, and protection through title insurance. Further, we examine Net Operating Income as it relates to transaction terms, with a view to understanding the financials and managing risk. (Click here for articles on this topic.)

Business from start to finish.


Whether you are starting, buying, or selling a business, our corporate-commercial lawyers and staff can meet your needs. We can provide the following services, and more.



Legal Contracts

Client focused negotiation

At every step in the process, our lawyers endeavour to use negotiation to facilitate an agreement in line with client goals and interests. In other words, we can assist in getting the deal done properly, without getting in the way. 

Shareholder Agreements

Avoiding common issues

We work to go beyond the boiler-plate agreement terms to achieve the client's real business purposes, and to avoid an agreement that creates problems down the road. 


Corporate Reorganizations

cooperating with accountants

We work closely with the accountants to produce documents quickly in order to meet the deadlines that always apply to reorganizations. Our focus is to get the documents done correctly, on time, and at a reasonable price. 

Asset/Share Transactions

Minimum Interference

Whether acting for the buyer or the seller, our aim is to promote a smooth transaction in which our client retains control of what is done and when; we manage closing no more than is needed to accomplish that goal. 

Plan for the future. Protect your assets. 


We can guide you through a difficult process. Some of the estate legal services we offer are...



Power of Attorney & Wills

helping you plan

We help you decide who can make important decisions in the event you become incapacitated, and to plan for the inevitable transfer of your property.  


keep control & reduce costs

Our goal is to assist you in maintaining control of your assets, while reducing income tax and probate fees. 


Estate Administration

Helping you to avoid delay

We will guide you through the complexities of the probate process so that assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries without undue delay. 

Sale of Estate Assets

Structuring the sale

We make recommendations as to the terms and structure of the transaction, ensure that closing dates are met, and seek to minimize liability for the estate, while focused on the earliest distribution of assets. 

Move Forward, Affordably.


We offer family law services for clients on a budget, who prefer collaborative agreements over spending thousands in court. Some of the solutions we offer include…



Cohabitation & Marriage

Affordable Agreements

You may never need it, but when you’re on the same page as your partner, it’s a good time to decide what would be fair if you ever choose to part ways. Cohabitation and Marriage agreements can result in the fair arrangement of your assets—especially when moving on to the next chapter of your life, and when there are children involved. We can help you prepare for the future, so you can focus on the present, and each other.

Limited Scope Representation

“Step-By-Step” Legal Services

You don’t need to retain an expensive, full-time lawyer for a family law issue. With Limited Scope Representation (or “Legal Coaching”), you can retain a lawyer for only the services you need, while you do what you can yourself. Some of the “piecemeal” services we offer are: legal advice and procedure assistance, legal research and analysis, reviewing and drafting court documents for you to file and serve, evaluating settlement options, and ILA (Independent Legal Advice). Contact us to see if we can meet your legal needs.


Separation & Divorce

Moving on, on a budget

First, we’ll listen. Then, we’ll suggest strategies to defuse any tension and promote objective thinking—to lead to an expedited conclusion. Many people (especially after a long relationship) are deeply hurt, and spend years, and thousands of dollars, before realizing that there are no winners in a legal “contest” fuelled by emotion. Our separation and divorce services deal with the division of property, child and spousal support, custody, and access—providing clarity for the future in the least adversarial way possible. We don’t go to court (we refer to experienced trial lawyers, in that case), so we take a collaborative approach among parties. We have no incentive to do legal “battle” while you foot the bill.

Collaborative Law

Problem solving thRough participation

In Collaborative Law, the parties themselves are in control of coming to a fair, agreed-upon resolution that works for them. This approach provides a safe environment to develop ideas and seek satisfactory resolutions, which can result in a negotiated settlement, rather than a litigated one. Collaboration is a means to achieve a result that works for your family, without having third-party representatives make lasting decisions for you. For more information on Collaborative Law, click here.

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