Jeunguk Jennifer Choi

Called 2016

Jeunguk Jennifer Choi (pronounced “Jung-ook” Jennifer “Che”) is a lawyer practicing in Burlington, Ontario. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology and sociology from University of Toronto in 2011. Jeunguk attended law school at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and obtained her law degree in 2013. After returning to Ontario, Jeunguk joined a boutique law firm in Toronto, first as a legal assistant and before articling with the firm. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2016. After working as an associate lawyer at the same Toronto firm, gaining extensive experience in residential real estate law, as well as wills and estates, Jeunguk joined Cass & Bishop in 2018. While working, Jeunguk also completed and obtained her Global Professional Master of Laws degree in business law at the University of Toronto. She also speaks Korean and loves learning new languages. Jeunguk enjoys playing the Piano and learning other musical instruments.

최정욱 (Jennifer) 변호사는 2011년 토론토대학에서 범죄학 및 사회학 전공으로 졸업한 후 2013년 영국의 사우스햄튼 법대에서 법학 학위를 취득하였습니다. 온타리오로 돌아온 후 토론토에 위치한 부티크 로펌에서 부동산법과 유언 및 상속법 관련 경험을 쌓으며 2016년 변호사로 임명 되었습니다. 2018년 Cass & Bishop에 합류한 최정욱 변호사는 같은 해 토론토대학 법대에서 Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM) 라는 법학 석사 학위를 수여받고 변호사로서 다양한 클라이언트들을 돕고 있습니다. 최정욱 변호사는 영어 외 한국어로 클라이언트 상담이 가능합니다.

Tel: (905) 632-7744 x3797